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What is Tribes Amplified?

edited February 4 in Amplified

Initially, Tribes Amplified was intended to be a mod built off classic that extends the concept of classic a bit further - classic intends to restore "Tribes 1 Base" speed compared to Tribes 2, and speed up gameplay. I created it as a personal challenge to "build a mod in a week", as a result I've used parts from previous mods built into something more conservative than Meltdown 2, but I feel is better than Classic.

Amplified takes this to the next step by adding several more QoL features, and some extra modified features that better fit the lore that the game is set in the year 3975.

There is no download available yet as it is in the final stage of development - public balance testing/adjustment. Once this is complete, v1.0.0 will be released, and any future updates can be found here.

What all does Tribes Amplified change? See this forum post here:

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