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Welcome to Radiant Alpha

edited July 2017 in General

Welcome to the Radiant Alpha forums, a community by gamers for other gamers. This is a small forum primarily in place as a nexus point for all Radiant Alpha projects and gaming clans. We here enjoy order and community to maintain our friendly environment for gamers of all walks of life. In order to keep this continuity, there must be rules. These rules are simple, but will be strictly enforced, even if you have not read them.

The primary communication channel is via Discord, available here:

The rules
* This is a free community, where all walks of life are welcome. We don't discriminate between race, gender, religion, political affiliation, alternative lifestyle, or other factors. Respect for people, regardless of who they are, is key.
* Do not double post or spam posts in a thread. Derailing a thread (changing the topic of a thread to something else) is also not permitted.
* The primary language of these forums is English. Please keep it that way. Perfect spelling and grammar is not required, but it is strongly suggested in order for you to convey your point.
* Posts made in the incorrect section of the forums will be moved to the proper sub forum.
* Do not revive posts that are no longer relevant or are not visible on the first page of that specific forum (necroposting), instead start a new one.
* These forums are intended to be clean and to the point. This means any material such as extreme violence, pornography, racism, hate crimes, etc will be deleted immediately.

Breaking any of these rules will result in one or more of the following, which is handled at the discretion of the moderator or administrator:
Temporary or permanent ban
Account deletion

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