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[Tribes 2] Tactical Sky Wars - Serverside Vehicle Combat Mod

edited July 2017 in Project Archives

Tactical Sky Wars is a serverside teamwork-based vehicle mod in which you take part in shooting down other vehicles. Whether this is done by a fully loaded Havoc with chainguns and missile launchers, or by flying with a Shrike or Valkyrie is up to you.

Vehicles range from a flying scout hoverbike to fighters with guns and seeking missiles, to teamwork vehicles which boost the output damage of each player in the vehicle by a specific amount. You and your team choose how to go about the objective.

This mod is based off Classic, and as such, features enhancements brought by that mod. This will be a simplistic mod, mostly all modifications will be done to the vehicles themselves (ex. Shrike has 2 weapons instead of 1).

Download link:

Serverside Vehicle Map Pack:

Youtube Videos showing off gameplay:

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