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Meltdown 2018 and beyond

This is a post that I'm going to use to cover everything Meltdown, echoed in several places at once so I can gather feedback while I finish up my existing project.

For Meltdown 1 fans, should any exist with the (surprisingly active) Tribes 1 community, v2.16 is the last and officially recognized final version of the mod. Unless there is significant outcry for changes made to it, I have no intention of making any changes to it, save updating the URL to point to here. An official download of the mod - full source provided - will be made available here soon. Outside of Meltdown Classic, any other Meltdown version for Tribes 1 is not supported or created by me.

For Meltdown 2, I have some plans I've been kicking around to update the mod a bit. These updates will result in the final (for real this time) v2.9.0 release. Here are a few things that I'm planning on adding to Meltdown 2:
* Web-based stats (similar to Fury: TV's Player and Match stats - be immortalized at your rank and stats in Meltdown 2 forever! (example:
* Restoring mine swinging support and tweaks to the Juggernaut armor to support a more mobile combat platform
* Redesign of the Mech system to echo something more along the lines of Meltdown 3's system

For this final version, which so far has a release date TBD, I'll be looking for input from the fans - any remaining fans left. What changes, callbacks from older versions, etc would you like to see? I will be hosting the Meltdown 2 Funhouse official server for the forseeable future (read: until TN dies and/or I am unable to run server programs from my personal server), and posting v2.9.0 up for download when it is complete.

For those few who enjoyed Meltdown 3, I promised to make this release available. This will be released on a similar timetable to when MD2 v2.9.0 is released. There are a few changes that need to be made to it as it was designed to be operated with a master server (much like Fury: TV is). The game is mostly sorta complete, there are a few things that were left undone, but the core game experience - what I intended to be the next generation of Meltdown to build out on something like Unreal - should still be intact.

I will be moving on from developing anything T2 related after this and Fury: TV are done, most likely to mess around with Unreal and see what sort of thing I can get it to do. For the time being however, let me know either here, in Discord or elsewhere what your thoughts and/or requests are, and thank you all for playing!


  • edited February 4

    So, in a curbstomping no one could have seen coming, it looks like thanks to the widespread and dire implications of the Intel Meltdown exploit, the name is now forever associated with the exploit.

    So while I will continue supporting and providing downloads for the collection of mods, I will have to rescind my former promise and shutter any future work on the Meltdown series of mods.

    In it's place, I have taken up a personal challenge to create a mod called Tribes Amplified, which is an extension of Classic mod, using components from several unfinished mod projects into something that is a bit more conservative in it's appeal compared to Meltdown - see the forum topic here for more information:

    As promised, the download links for anyone wishing to play or look at the other mods are available here, in their respective forum threads.

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