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Tribes Amplified Changelog

edited February 2018 in Amplified

The post below this will always contain pure changes from Classic to Amplified. Posts after that one will contain version changes for each successive version after that.

Feedback is welcome as this is currently untested with players, so nothing is off the table, let me hear about it!


  • edited February 2018

    Changes from Classic v1.5.2 to Amplified:

    • Bot names will be built from a name table instead of the default list provided
    • Default spawn loadout has had the repair pack added to it
    • Explosions more frequently fragment players, fragmented players will now have additional fragment effects
    • When dealing damage to a player, a red/green hit indicator will show briefly on the screen, depending on whether you hit a friendly or enemy respectively
    • Inventory stations fully heal upon stepping in
    • Healthkits and Health Patches now play the health patch sound on use, heal more health over time, and will stop any effects (ex. on fire)
    • Forcefields now deflect projectiles away from them (exception: laser, flare, elf, repair)
    • Damage resistances have been removed entirely, with health values replaced with approximations of what these damage resistances would have been - this makes it significantly easier to make new weapons in a similar power level to the existing ones
    • Blaster changed into a straight line projectile similar to Tribes 1, ignores all shields
    • Chaingun spread has been reduced from 8 degrees to 6 degrees
    • Chaingun bullets now have a random hit sound
    • Plasma Rifle projectiles have been sped up significantly (65 m/s to 150 m/s) but have had their lifetime reduced from 3 seconds to 1 second, giving them a short effective range as originally intended while making the plasma rifle more useful outdoors - plasma shots have a 25% chance to catch the victim on fire
    • Missile launcher no longer requires a lock to fire
    • All missile types have undergone changes - missiles no longer avoid terrain and have less turning speed, making it easier to dodge/avoid missiles based on your piloting skill. As a result, flare grenades will only work when thrown directly into the missile's path, and at a significantly shorter (10m) range from the missile, making flare spam ineffective.
    • Grenade Launcher's explosion is now the same as the thrown hand grenade
    • Laser Rifle's beam does full damage out to 400m and scales down to 10% at it's maximum range of 1km, and now uses the full energy bar to fire
    • Energy pack has had it's output increased
    • Sensor Jammer pack is now passive and sensor detects any cloaked players in it's range
    • Repair pack now passively reduces incoming damage by 25% when worn
    • Satchel pack damage has been increased significantly
    • Shield pack absorption has increased slightly ~25%
    • Turrets, sensors, and other base assets no longer have a heat signature
    • Plasma turret projectiles have a 40% chance to catch the victim on fire, and have increased speed
    • Invisible vehicles running down players and vehicle UEs from explosions have been remedied - no more tank explosion crashes
    • Shrike now has rockets as a secondary weapon and an ammo count, the vehicle can be restocked by landing at a friendly vehicle pad and pressing the pack key
    • Bomber now has bomb ammo and bombs do not use energy, when out of bombs the pilot can land at a friendly vehicle pad and press the pack key to restock
    • Tank's turret weapons have been changed to a rotary landspike and HEAT cannon respectively
    • Havoc's passenger seats can now activate an onboard inventory station by pressing the Mine key, these seats have a 2 minute cooldown period
    • Turret barrels can be placed on the MPB
    • Concussion effect changes - 100% chance to knock off flag, 66% chance to knock off weapon, 33% chance to knock off pack
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    v0.9.0 Beta changes:

    • New Armor - Ranger: The Ranger was designed as a light armor that handles long range combat, as such it has exclusive use of the Laser Rifle and the Gauss Rifle as well as access to other rifles. Sacrificing some armor for increased movement speed, two weapon slots and an increased energy pool over the Scout make this an ideal sniper. Rangers cannot carry flags.
    • New Armor - Engineer: The Engineer as you can guess is designed as the armor class for deployables. It has 3 weapons and an energy pool similar to the Juggernaut, allowing it to fly much farther and repair much longer. It's targeting laser has been replaced with the Deconstructor gun, which allows it to turn any deployed object back into it's pack, for ease of adjustment. It cannot take as much damage as an Assault armor, so be aware of your surroundings.
    • New Armor - Dreadnought: The Dreadnought is the ultimate man-sized powered armor platform. Slower and heavier than a Juggernaut, the Dreadnought is built for defense or Havoc-assisted assault runs. The Dreadnought has 4 weapon slots and a built in shoulder grenade launcher - all grenades are now shot out of the cannon instead of thrown. This armor specializes in heavy weaponry and as such primarily only has access to these weapons with a few exceptions - meaning no blaster or grenade launcher here. It is also unable to carry flags. Upon death, the Dreadnought fusion reactor goes critical and will explode after a few seconds, so be very careful when fighting one close range!
    • New Grenade - Smoke Grenade: This creates a temporary wall of smoke. Useful for close quarters when you need to make an escape!
    • New Grenade - Power Injector: Instead of throwing a grenade, this is a power cell which will give your armor a significant power boost
    • New Grenade - Jet Thruster: This is a special grenade that boosts you in the direction you're looking, however it does drain some energy upon use
    • New Grenade - EM Pulse Grenade: When hit with this grenade, energy recharge stops for a period of time
    • New Grenade - Incendiary Grenade: When hit, this sets all players on fire for several seconds, fire raises the heat level of any player to 100%
    • New Grenade - Poison Gas Grenade: When hit, this inflicts poison to all affected players, poison damage lasts for 15 seconds and will randomly cause damage
    • New Grenade - Mortar Shell: Some tribals have taken to throwing mortar shells instead of grenades. These shells have the same timer as a normal mortar shell, making them ineffective in combat purposes... usually.
    • New Grenade - HEAT Shell: This grenade is Dreadnought exclusive, the HEAT shell is the same shell fired by a tank, very small explosive radius but extremely potent
    • New Grenade - Proximity Flak Grenade: This grenade is Dreadnought exclusive, the flak grenade explodes near hot (missile launcher-lock hot) players.
    • New Mine - Holopuck: This holographic projection makes a copy of you - your current armor, skin, weapons, pack, and name. It has a larger explosive radius compared to a normal mine due to it's size to thwart would-be cloakers trying to backlance the hologram
    • New Mine - Caltrop Mine: When stepping on this, it injects the unfortunate victim with deadly poison - less damage than a traditional mine
    • New Mine - Anti-Tank Mine: As inferred by the name, this mine is essentially a satchel with a proxy explosive - the downside to this being that it only detects vehicles
    • New Mine - Repair Patch Mine: This mine is Engineer exclusive - allowing you to throw and place repair patches for your team
    • New Weapon - Laser Missile Launcher: This is a laser guided missile launcher, upon firing the laser pointer will engage and the missile will follow it
    • New Weapon - Spike Rifle: The illegitmate lovechild of a marksman rifle and a landspike turret
    • New Weapon - Minigun: The wilder younger brother to the Chaingun, this one shoots twice as fast, but has a 9 degree spread - larger than that of the original chaingun
    • New Weapon - Gauss Rifle: A handheld railgun that uses energy to fire high-velocity precision rounds, the closest analog to a sniper rifle from the old days
    • New Weapon - Scattergun: Let freedom ring with this 12-pellet spray-cannon!
    • New Weapon - Flamethrower: Short range painbringer, best used indoors or to torch a light armor
    • New Weapon - Sentry Rifle: This is the same weapon as the sentry turrets but in your hands
    • New Weapon - Plasma Cannon: Tired of controlling plasma turrets? Have one of your very own!
    • New Weapon - Artillery Cannon: This trades the Mortar's damage for a weaker but impact-explosive shell, with increased ranges for those hard to reach itches
    • New Weapon - Autocannon: The closest thing to a rotary rocket launcher, this fires mini-rockets
    • New Weapon - Twinfusor: Double the Spinfusor, double the fun - these mini-discs aren't as powerful, but it makes up for that in fire rate
    • New Weapon - Multipulsar: An energy-based flyswatter if I've ever seen one
    • New Weapon - Laser Cannon: This weapon fires a constant stream of laser energy out to 200m, most effective if kept within 100m
    • New Pack - Gravitron Pack: This pack reduces local forces applied to you, making mine discs much more effective, or any explosive force really
    • New Pack - Turbocharger: Increases your damage output by 50% to really hit hard, but be careful - you have a 10% chance on any damage taken to explode in fantastic fashion
    • New Pack - Vampire Pack: Upon killing an enemy player, receive 20% of their maximum health back
    • New Deployable - Spawn Favs Node: Places down a node, allowing any players within 200m to spawn in loadout - relies on base power
    • New Deployable - Regen Node: Places down a node, slowly repairing all objects within 200m - relies on base power
    • New Deployable: Cloak Field Node - Places down a node, cloaking anything within 30m, this effect will disable your weapons/turrets
    • New Deployable: Portal Node - Instead of a teleporter, this creates a linked portal between two nodes allowing anything to pass - including projectiles
    • New Vehicle: Gunship - The Firestorm Gunship is a modified havoc with a shrike-level sensor and two manned turret positions - you can change the barrel on the turrets manually or by jumping into the gunner positions with a turret barrel pack
    • New Vehicle: Walker - A huge hulking HERC - while it's not the fastest vehicle, it packs a significant punch with it's dual miniguns, plasma cannon, and dual cluster missile launchers
  • v0.9.1 Beta changes - Feb 9

    • Updated Scattergun weapon model
    • Fixed bug with bots causing the votes to go negative
    • Fixed bug where an exploding walker would lag the server once it was destroyed
    • Fixed bug where pack icons would not line up with the pack you were using
  • edited February 2018

    v1.0.0 Release changes - Feb 26

    • Changed Chaingun spread from 3 to 6 degrees
    • Changed Minigun spread from 8 to 9 degrees
    • Increased forward speed of all armors by 1 m/s
    • Removed whistle sound on team damage
    • Increased Thundersword Bomber bomb count from 30 to 50
    • Improved Walker: Can now move over larger hills, jumpjets are built in and can be used
    • Sensor Jammer now detects cloaked players
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